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You’ll love getting your car rental Sunshine Coast Airport from Noosa Car Rentals. They make the process of booking and driving away with their cars as smooth as silk.

If you’re taking a holiday in Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Coolum or Noosa then you’ll know that grabbing a car at the Sunshine Coast Airport is the handiest way to get to your accommodation destination. A holiday rental offers travellers the freedom to do as they please on the Sunshine Coast. With so many great things to do and see in the Sunshine Coast you’ll find inspiration every day whether you like planning your itinerary down to the last detail or you take each day as it comes. The Sunshine Coast is good like that — A day at the beach. Which beach? It doesn’t really matter to tell the truth. If the waves are just dumping outside your place, get in the car and drive until you find a beach with the right conditions for you.

Sunshine Coast car hire

Sunshine Coast Car Hire

Sunshine Coast Beaches

The choice of beaches on the Sunshine Coast is jaw dropping and if you want to have the freedom to choose then you’ll need a car. Noosa is always good for families, Main Beach offers a smooth and sandy bottomed beach experience which is good for kids and grommets who have yet to earn their surfing stripes. Further around Noosa Heads you’ll find some secluded spots like Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay and Alexandria Bay. Then there’s Sunshine Beach for a more exposed beach. It’s still surf patrolled, but usually the waves are higher. The Sunshine Beach Surf Club is also a great place to drop-in for a cold drink or a meal from the bistro.

All the way down the coast to Mooloolaba you’ll encounter some classic beaches. Sunrise, Marcus, Peregian, and Coolum offer long sandy walks.

In Maroochydore you’ll encounter some more rugged coastline with the Alexandra Headland. A prize location for surfers, but be wary there are a few rocks to navigate. The waves around Maroochydore also offer some good surfing when conditions are right.

Getting your car rental Sunshine Coast Airport from Noosa Car Rentals is just the start of your big adventure. Make your travels a real pleasure with this Noosa Car Rentals company. Book a car now.

The best car rental Sunshine Coast Airport Noosa are with Noosa Car Rentals. Your holiday car will be ready for you the moment you land.

We will be there to greet you as you walk in the terminal. There’s no fuss, no hassle. We’ll be holding up a sign with your name on it, and as soon as you’re ready to go we’ll take you to your car nearby. Handover takes but a moment. The hard work has been done already when you book online.

Once you get to Sunshine Coast accommodation you’ll be free to go wherever your spirit moves you. Noosa is a fantastic destination to get to know, but don’t let the lack of transport limit your holiday options. The Sunshine Coast is packed with opportunities to explore different townships, villages and scenic locations. Whatever your taste in adventure is, there is going to be somewhere on the Sunshine Coast that will captivate and delight you and your family.

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach

Best Things To See And Do On The Sunshine Coast

Some of the best things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast are just a short drive away. If you’ve been staying in Noosa and you’ve reached peak beach and restaurant, the next step is to spread your wings and explore the impressive scenery, culture and heritage destinations on the Sunshine Coast.

There is plenty to see and do if you head towards the Blackall Range in the hinterland. Montville is a very popular hinterland arts and crafts destination and one of the first townships after Eumundi. Chances are you’ll stop off at the Eumundi Markets along the way and that will be it for the better part of a morning spent browsing and grazing. There are stall

Montville get’s you even deeper into the creative communities of the Blackall mountains. Peruse the antiques and crafts stores along the way. The striking European architecture provides a tantalising heritage backdrop if you stop to walk around.

If you enjoy a leisurely amble on your holiday this might fill your day. You might want to stop by Castle Glen Liqueurs, who sell offbeat aperitifs flavoured like jellybeans, musk sticks and iceblocks. The best seller is Queensland Delight, which is a rum-chocolate-coffee concoction with a very striking label.

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If you’re planning a holiday filled with adventure and excitement, chances are Sunshine Coast car rentals will be one of the best decisions you make for your Sunshine Coast holiday. The Noosa Car Rentals company has an extensive fleet of new Hyundai and Toyota vehicles, with hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. All mod cons and features are included in these vehicles for your comfort: bluetooth streaming, fully automatic transmission, aircon, and cruise control. For your safety and peace of mind, all cars feature airbags, ABS braking, reversing camera and traction control.

Get the best price and great service when you book your car rental from Noosa Car Rentals. Book your car prior to travel and collect it up at the Sunshine Coast Airport. Your vehicle will be ready to go when you are. Sign on the dotted line, and then we’ll take you to your car. If you have any questions about Noosa and the Sunshine Coast we should have an answer. With local knowledge of over twenty years of living on the Sunshine Coast, there’s not much we don’t know about this part of Queensland.

Sunshine Coast holidays

Explore more on your Sunshine Coast holiday

Sunshine Coast Long Drives

You should definitely check out the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Hervey Bay and Fraser Island on your Sunshine Coast holiday. You may even wish to book some overnight accommodation in the area. Nature lovers will savour these two very special locations. For a very large sand island, Fraser Island it has a surprising range of habitats. Fraser Island’s rainforests have a huge diversity of flora and fauna. The Wallum forests are open woodlands with a surprising range of flowering plants. There’s also the beaches. Fraser Island has more than 120 kilometres of beaches. There’s also freshwater lakes and sand dunes to make Fraser island a rather unique destination.

The July and November is humpback whale migration season, and Hervey Bay offers some great vantage points to observe these passing leviathans. Grab a seat on one of the whale watching boats from Hervey Bay for a closer encounter.

The Blackall Range is drive that keeps you within the immediate Sunshine Coast area but takes you inland where you’ll encounter a road full of surprises. The landscape is constantly changing with views of the coast and hinterland rainforests and volcanic peaks of the Glasshouse Mountains. There’s plenty of art galleries, food, wine, coffee, shopping, rainforest walks and waterfalls for curious travellers.

Keep your options open with a Sunshine Coast car hire. The Noosa Car Rentals company will have you sorted with a rental car to suit you. Book yours now.

If you’re looking for car rental Sunshine Coast Maroochydore,  Noosa Car Rental company can provide you with new cars, for the best prices, delivered right to your door.

You may not have realised that your Sunshine Coast holiday was missing a car. This is where a short term rental will make the difference to your holiday, changing it from okay to amazing. Enjoy the freedom to choose when you go out when you like, or if you want to spend the day on the road taking in the many sights along the Sunshine Coast or Queensland hinterlands.

From Maroochydore there are several destinations nearby that you may have overlooked without a car, but now become quite attractive places to visit.

Car rentals Sunshine Coast Noosa

Self drive options from Sunshine Coast Noosa car rentals

Things to do around Maroochydore

Let serendipity be your compass when you take a road trip around Maroochydore. Take a trip to the Glasshouse Mountains. The villages of Montville and Maleny are easy destinations along the way with their heritage character. Not only is much of the architecture in an older style but has an atmosphere of old Europe in parts.

Along the way the Blackall Range provide an interesting transit. Don’t drive too fast or you’ll miss all the details that make this part of the shire so charming. You’ll motor through through pine tree plantations, fertile farmlands, and past classic weatherboard Queenslander houses, and yummy roadside fruit stalls. Make sure you stop along the way and pick up your share of freshly picked lychees, macadamia nuts, sweet pineapples, juicy red strawberries, and home made preserves depending on the season.

To the east, green hillscapes transform into dairy pastures and crops, then clusters of houses and apartments along the coastline from Caloundra to Coolum. Along the west is the Connondale Ranges and Lake Baroon with the Obi Obi Valley and southwest are the Glass House Mountains.

Around Maleny and Montville excellent bed and breakfast guesthouses and self contained cottages if you feel like you might want to linger longer. There’s also some top notch restaurants in the area (who needs Noosa?). You’ll also enjoy the fabulous array of art and antique galleries and craft studios. Nature lovers will enjoy the graded rainforest walking tracks, swimming holes and waterfalls in the Kondalilla National Park.

Who would have thought that car rental Sunshine Coast Maroochydore would be the way to go? The Noosa Car Rental company can provide you with new cars, for the best prices, all delivered right to your door — wherever you are on the Sunshine Coast. Book your rental car now.