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Are you wanting a car hire Sunshine Coast?

Noosa Car Rentals is the company you’re looking for. Our dedication to providing excellent service and top notch rental cars from a fleet of new Toyota and Hyundai hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs is second to none.

No one beats our service. Pickup from the Sunshine Coast Airport in Maroochydore, where we’ll be there to greet you inside the terminal, or we can deliver your rental right to your doorstep if you are staying at any of the resorts on the Sunshine Coast.

Visit the Noosa River

Visit the Noosa River on your Sunshine Coast self drive holiday

Noosa self drive holidays

Whether you’re staying in Noosa or somewhere else on the Sunshine Coast there’s plenty of things to see and do if you’re planning a Noosa self drive holiday.

Come to Noosa, or leave Noosa, it’s all part of the wonderous holiday mix. Within the Shire of Noosa it’s a pretty reasonable smorgasbord of activities, but add Maroochydore and the hinterland to the mix, it’s one big veritable feast. You’ve got hippy towns, lots of national parks along with plenty of natural attractions to discover, there’s so much nature and spectacular scenery looking towards the Glasshouse Mountains and from the Glasshouse Mountains looking out towards the coast. Maleny is a great spot for this view.

But don’t forget the man made wonders too. Feast your palate at the various wineries and craft breweries along the way, not to mention the cheese factory in Kenilworth. Along the way don’t forget to stop at the roadside fruit stalls. Get your delicious lychees, macadamia nuts, reddest strawberries, juiciest pineapples and home made preserves from the unmanned stalls. You’ll need to load up on change though. There’s nowhere to swipe the credit card.

Get a bit more serious with a trip to Hervey Bay and the co-starring Fraser Island. From July to November is the season of the humpback whale migration. Watch them from land or secure your seat on a whale spotting boat.

For guaranteed thrills, Australia Zoo in Beerwah is well worth visiting. Building on Steve Irwin’s legacy, this wildlife institution just gets better and better. Make sure you fit this one in. Even if you’re not in Maroochydore, with our car hire Sunshine Coast you’ll be well within reach. Give Noosa Car Rentals a call or book now.

If you’re looking for cheap car rental from Sunshine Coast to Noosa, the Noosa Car Rental company can provide you with new cars, for the best prices, delivered right to you at the Sunshine Coast Airport.

Perhaps it was by design or it got missed off the plans, a short term car rental will make the difference to your holiday, transforming it from okay to amazing. Be free to go out when you like, spend the day on the road taking you wherever the mood takes you. Usually either somewhere on the Sunshine Coast or the Queensland hinterland.

Explore Sunshine Coast beaches

Explore Sunshine Coast beaches

Sunshine Coast in 3 days

If time is tight, you can usually conduct a whistlestop tour of the Sunshine Coast in 3 days. It won’t be as detailed as a longer trip but you’ll be able to say you’ve seen most of the Sunshine Coast.

If you map your journey to cover Noosa, Eumundi, Montville, Maleny (maybe Mapleton) Beerwah (Australia Zoo), Mooloolaba and Marochydore then anything in between is a bonus.

The Blackall Mountains will take you along most of the hinterlands from Beerwah to the Eumundi Markets. The views are ever changing, but at it’s best vantage points, offering spectacular views back to the coast.

Don’t drive too fast or you’ll miss all the details, especially the roadside fruit stalls. Make sure you stop along the way and pick up your share of lychees, macadamia nuts, sweet pineapples, strawberries, and home made preserves.

Around Maleny and Montville there’s some excellent bed and breakfast guesthouses and self contained cottages if you feel like you might want to linger longer. There’s also some top notch restaurants in the area. You’ll also enjoy the fabulous array of art and antique galleries and craft studios. Nature lovers will enjoy the graded rainforest walking tracks, swimming holes and waterfalls in the Kondalilla National Park.

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Sunshine Coast car hire from Maroochydore airport is easy with Noosa Car Rentals.

Your car will be ready for you from the minute you touch down in the Sunshine Coast. You’ll get a warm welcome as you walk in the terminal. We’ll be holding up a sign with your name on it. As soon as you’ve uplifted your luggage we’ll take you to your car nearby. Sign on the dotted line and you are ready to go. All the heavy lifting has been done when you book online.

No matter where you are staying on the Sunshine Coast, with a hire car from Noosa Car Rentals you’ll be able to go to any Sunshine Coast destination without worrying about transport. The Sunshine Coast is packed with a multitude of townships, villages and scenic locations. Wherever your curiosity takes you there the Sunshine Coast that will captivate and delight you and your family.

Sunshine Coast holidays

Sunshine Coast holidays

Best things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast

Some of the best things on the Sunshine Coast are just a short drive away. Why limit yourself to just one beach and a strip of restaurants that you will soon know by heart, the next step is to explore the impressive scenery, culture and heritage destinations of the Sunshine Coast.

The drive through the Blackall Ranges in the hinterland is a sightseers treat. Stop in at Montville and explore this popular hinterland arts and crafts destination. It’s one of the first townships after Eumundi. Odds are you’ll stop off at the Eumundi Markets along the way and that will be it for the better part of a morning spent browsing and grazing at the stalls. Which ones you may ask, because there are plenty of them, jewellery, arts, crafts, coffee (or is it covfefe?) artisan foodstuffs, local produce.

Explore the creative communities of the Blackall mountains in Montville. Peruse the antiques and crafts stores. The Queenslander architecture is particularly prominent in the area.

Stop by Castle Glen Liqueurs, they sell offbeat aperitifs flavoured like jellybeans, musk sticks and iceblocks. The best seller is Queensland Delight, which is a rum-chocolate-coffee concoction.

The best Sunshine Coast car hire from Maroochydore airport is Noosa Car Rentals. You’ll love the service and love the cars and freedom they afford your holiday. Book now.

Make this a fast and easy Maroochydore airport car hire. If you’re looking for a car to rent when you come to the Sunshine Coast, Noosa Car Rentals can offer you one of the best deals around, with the best cars, the best service and best price.

With our superb fleet of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs from Toyota and Hyundai your holiday transport is set. Spin the dial and set the phone for roam, this could be the road trip of all road trips. Even if you’ve booked your accommodation in Noosa, Coolum, Maroochydore or Mooloolaba, everything you want to see on the Sunshine Coast is all reachable in less than half a days drive. With so many exciting destinations at your fingertips, it’s sometime hard to make a choice. To make your holiday planning a little easier we’ve put together a few ideas for Sunshine Coast drives. Whether you stop in to sample the delights of local producers and makers, or stretch your legs, the scenery is constantly changing.

Sunshine Coast self drive holidays

Glass House Mountains Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Day Drives — Montville, Maleny and the Glasshouse Mountain

The Australian Nougat Company is on the way to Eumundi from Noosa and it’s a cracker place to see local products being used to make such delicious treats. Macadamias, natural bush honey, Queensland sugar and eggs are used to make this delicious sweet. You can watch nougat being made the traditional way in the factory. There’s free tastings and you can buy nougat for your road trip ahead.

Dulong Lookout is a great place to stop with fantastic views over Nambour before reaching the ever charming Montville. There’s lot’s to see and do in this hinterland village. Shop for arts, crafts, fresh produce or small goods made by hinterland artisan bakers and small holder producers.

If it get’s too hot, take a detour from Flaxton east of the park and take a dip in Kondalilla Waterfalls. There is a large picnic area there with toilet facilities. Two tracks lead to the upper falls swimming hole. A longer circuit track will take you to the lower pool which is unsuitable for swimming.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve comprises of 55 hectares of subtropical rainforest overlooking the Glass House Mountains. A trace of the rainforests that once covered the Blackall Range, the Reserve is a living archive of the diverse plant and animal life.

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Noosa Car Rental company makes it easy to equip you with a car for your Sunshine Coast holiday at the friendly price that was originally quoted. No surprises, no hidden costs, the price is transparent and upfront.

The Noosa Car Rentals company offer new Hyundai and Toyota vehicles in a range of hatch, sedan and SUV options. They’re all specified with all options for your comfort and safety.

Sunshine Coast holidays

Explore more on your Sunshine Coast holiday

Places to visit in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Then there are the Sunshine Coast inland drives. The Glasshouse Mountains will draw you in with their unique beauty and there are plenty of interesting places to stop at along the way. There’s also lookouts too, to take in the magnificent views. Little villages such as Maleny and Montville have an olde worlde charm that is beguiling. A hub for artists and craftspeople, you will see examples of local handiwork in most arts, crafts and antique shops. Produce and small goods are also a highlight. Make sure you stock up in the deli and speciality shops. While you have time, you can also refresh with a Devonshire Tea. Tearooms, not cafes are the norm in the hinterland.

There are also a number of wineries to be discovered in the Glasshouse Mountains. Here’s two you might like.

Maleny Mountain Wines offer a highland tasting experience with a range of varietals on offer: red, white and sparkling. All good for the table or around the BBQ. If you don’t drink wine, they also have a craft brewery.

Oceanview Estates is a great place to stop for lunch, their restaurant offers a full a la carte menu and they have an extensive range of quality wines. Craft beer is also available with some exception draughts to try.

Get your budget car hire Maroochydore airport with this Noosa Car Rental company and get lost in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

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